MeditationPrenatal yoga sessions are created to meet the specific needs of the student, in whatever phase of pregnancy she is in. Sessions are well rounded, including vinyasa flow, standing poses, hip openers, back strengtheners, forward bends and restorative poses. Even once a week, sessions can help with posture during pregnancy and prepare you for labor.


• Strength & Flexibility
• Improve Balance
• Improve Circulation
• Aid Digestion
• Tone entire physical body
• Reduce Fear & Anxiety
• Strengthen pelvic floor & abdominals to aid in
  labor and postnatal recovery
• Alleviate common problems like nausea,
  constipation, leg cramps and back pain

Prenatal yoga is an opportunity for every pregnant woman to be empowered, aware and get the results that will help her feel confident before, during and after labor.


Margie was my very first instructor at 6 weeks pregnant. We have continued together until now, I am at 35 weeks! She has taken me through every ache and pain of my pregnancy. I feel better and stronger because of her - to the point that my body will "crave" Margie's class. She is an outgoing, happy, wonderful instructor, whose classes I always look forward to. I am also looking forward to working with her to get back in shape post baby! –Mary, Executive Assistant